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Today, September 21, 2017 the Lord says...

This hope we have

Do Not Lose Your Hope

Do not lose your hope, but place it in Me, says the LORD. For you are not hopeless. The hope that you have in Me is not empty or unproductive. It is not futile. All those who hope in Me will never be disappointed. I will satisfy the longing of your soul. I will respond to the cry of you heart. I will hear and answer your prayers, and intervene for you. I will keep you night and day, and provide everything that you need. For I Am your GOOD SHEPHERD, and have only good things for you. I will not deny you anything that is good for you, says the LORD.

You do not have to settle for anything less than what I have prepared for you, planned for you and reserved for you, says the LORD. I have fully paid for everything that you desire by My blood that was shed for you and the finished work on the cross. Nothing is beyond My control, and nothing is too big or small. Ask me for the impossible and watch Me perform it for you. Ask me for the little things, and notice that I will take care of the smallest details, and set everything in order for you. I will not compromise My Word, and you do not have to settle for less than My best that I have prepared for you. For I Am big enough, strong enough and able to fulfill every need that you have, and give you more than you could ever ask or think or imagine, says the LORD.

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Author: June Reinke


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