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  • Jan 24@ 12:05 amJune Reinke

    Your Great Physician

    I Am your Healer. I Am your Deliverer. I Am Your Defense. I Am your liberator, says the LORD. I Am everything that you need, always. There is NOTHING that I cannot do. There is nothing that I cannot change. There is nothing that gets past My attention, and I Am aware of you, and all that you need. I will heal your broken heart and fractured life. I will pour the oil of My Spirit into you, and soothe and comfort every wound. Healing is for you, and I Am for you, says the LORD. Look to Me, for I Am your GREAT PHYSICIAN. The difficulties that are complex for you, are very easy for Me. I created you,+

  • Don’t Be Anxious

    Do not be anxious about anything, says the Lord.  For all your fretting and fuming, whining and complaining does not accomplish anything or salve any issues that you and others have. It has not changed any person, place, or thing.+

  • I Will Restore You

    Encourage yourself in Me, even as David of old did, when his city was burned, his goods stolen, and his family was taken into captivity by the enemy. You can take heart in the worst circumstances, by knowing that I+

  • Unburden Yourself

    Unburden yourself, as you hurl your burdens upon Me, says the LORD. Do not wait for the overload, to give them to me. For I do not want you to carry them. I do not want you bogged down and+