I Am Protecting You

I Am protecting you with My walls of fire about you, and My glory within you, says the Lord. Look to Me as a place of safety always, says the Lord. I will never leave you nor forsake you. The enemy is not in charge of your life and destiny. I Am. I Am the one who wrote the script,

Give Your Way out of Debt

Give your way out of debt, says the Lord.  Give your way out of need.  Even as the widow of old only had enough food for one meal for her son and herself during the long famine, she gave a small cake to the Prophet Elijah first.  The meal and the oil lasted many days as I multiplied it daily for them, and

My Blessings Make You Rich

My blessings make you rich, and I add no sorrow to them, says the Lord.  I long to bless you and lavish My love upon you and give you good things to enjoy.  There is no foreclosure signs on what I have given you.  I do not repossess anything for non-payment, for all My gifts are irrevocable.  I have given them freely. 

Your Blessings Are Innumerable

Gods Blessings

You cannot count all your blessings, says the Lord.  They are innumerable.  Do not focus on what you do not have.  Be thankful unto Me for what I have given to you.  Look around you and see the provisions.   Remember where you were and where I brought you from!  Be thankful unto Me and bless My great Name!  I have been