Move Forward

Move forward, says the LORD, and do not keep looking back. Your destiny is in front of you. You purpose is ahead of you, not behind. Keep your eyes fixed on Me, for I Am leading you. I Am positioning you. I Am advancing you. I Am equipping you for everything that I have assigned you to do and I

Focus on Me

Focus on Me, says the Lord, and forget about the people who have rejected you, wounded you, and abandoned you. Forgive them.  Bless them. Release them and move forward with Me.  Do not look back.  What I have for you is not backward, but forward.  Get past the people and places and things that are behind.  Do you want to

Your Personal Promised Land

My presence goes before you to lead you into your personal promised land, says the LORD. It is not behind you, but ahead of you.  Don’t look back at the failed attempts that you have experienced.  Look ahead to where I am leading you.  Your life is not going to be defined by your past, and the things of the past will NOT

Into Your Destiny

Press to get into your destiny in ME, says the LORD.  Yes, contend in faith for the call that I have placed in your life. It is not a passive faith, but an active warfare that you are engaged in. Clad yourself fully with My armor and arise to the occasion of pressing through the enemy strongholds.  It is not

I Am in Charge

I Am in charge of your destiny and full kingdom purpose in Me, says the LORD.  All of your times and seasons are in My hands. I author them and complete them in you. I order every step, and even when you feel that you are at a standstill, just stand in ME, at those times. I Am using these

Called and Chosen

I have called and chosen you for such a time as this, says the Lord. It is not something that will be or has been, but what is now.  I Am with you now, and working in you to desire to do My good pleasure.  Even as you are wondering what you can do to affect the world around you,

Do or Die

You have been in what you call the “do or die” mode. You have said this about yourself and destiny. The pruning has been painful. The lack of growth difficult. It seems like things have deteriorated rather than grown. You have questioned, “How can these things be?” You have looked at the failed harvests and the drought and the wasted