Conceived by Faith

That which you have conceived by faith in Me by My Spirit in you will come to full-term, says the LORD. You will not have a miscarriage. You will not be disappointed. You will bring forth that which you have carried to a live birth. You will not have a still-born, for your labor will not be in vain. You

Where Is Your Faith?

Where is your faith, I ask. What do you believe? Let Me be your faith, says the LORD. Let Me be your trust. Let My counsel be in you and forsake the counsel of man that is fallible. I cannot fail and you will know that I Am the ALMIGHTY GOD in the midst of you as you shift your

Not Beyond My Ability

Gods ability

The things that you are struggling with are not complicated for Me, says the LORD. The questions that you have are not beyond My ability to solve. I am never puzzled. I Am never frustrated. I Am never threatened and I Am never wrong. I cannot be delayed and nothing stands in My way. I Am unstoppable and there is

Profession of Faith

Hold fast to your profession of faith in Me and My infallible Word, says the LORD, for your steadfast faith pleases me. Be steadfast and unshaken by the circumstances of life as you focus you attention upon Me. I created you; I will take care of you. I will provide for you. You are in My hands and you are

One Step at a Time

Take one step at a time, says the LORD. I Am with you to guide in in one step at a time that I order for you. I have My hand upon your hand and I Am gripping it. I see you and hear you and know you and will help you as you take each step that I order

The Impossible Mountain

Don’t keep looking at the impossible mountain that stands in your way, but speak to it, says the LORD. Command it to move! I have given you mountain moving faith. I have placed My Word in you. SPEAK it! Use what I have given you! You have been given unspeakable gifts from Me that I want you to activate. I

What Will You Believe Me For?

What will you believe ME for? For that will determine what you receive from Me, says the LORD. I AM not limited. The sky is NOT the limit. I Made the heavens and the earth. I made the seen and the unseen. I created the known and the unknown, and MY power is over all creation. My power is beyond

Speak to the Mountain

Speak to the mountain, says the LORD. For it is not going to move by observation. I have put My seed, the Word of faith in you, and you must activate it by a declaration of faith. Don’t waver in your faith. Speak and decree and be steadfast and unmovable in what you say. For the seed in your mouth

I Will Not Compromise

I will not compromise My Word, My Work or MY will, says the LORD. I will not deny it any more than I will deny My Name. I Am and there is no other GOD before ME. There is no power that can withstand My power. There is no threat and there is no authority and there is no dictator

The All-wise Counselor

I Am the all-wise Counselor, says the LORD. You can come to Me with every need, and know that I will answer you. I have the solution for you. You say you are complicated. I say you are uncomplicated. You say it is impossible. I say that nothing is impossible for Me. You say it is too late. I say