I Will Turn Things Around

Do not say that it is no use, for your hope is dried up and you will not see My goodness and mercy and justice in the land of the living in your days, says the LORD. For I will turn things around. I will do what will astound you and many will be shocked at My power and what

All of Heaven Rejoices

All of heaven rejoices over you and all that belong to Me, says the LORD. They sing and declare that you are My precious jewels. You are the righteous ones, the holy ones, and they declare it in songs of deliverance that I have given them to sing over you. You will join in the chorus and sing these songs

My Holy Angels

heaven amgels

I have sent My holy angels across the nations of the world to put a mark on all those who are righteous and call upon My Name, says the LORD. They are Mine, and I will keep them day and night. I will protect them and provision them and preserve them for My name sake. I call them holy, for

Purpose and a Plan

I have a purpose and a plan that cannot be denied or delayed or aborted, says the LORD. I have everything in My control always. I will not deny you any good thing. It is a time to KNOW this. It is a time to believe this. It is a time to embrace this as truth that you stand upon.

Let My Light Shine

I have called you to be light, says the LORD. Let My light shine forth in the darkness that is all around you as you arise and shine, for your light has come. I have taken you out of the kingdom of darkness and brought you into My marvelous light of My kingdom. I have put My light in you

I Will Counsel You

I will counsel you, says the LORD.  For I will direct you in My righteousness. I will propel you forward as I guide you by MY eye.  You are not stuck.  You are not trapped by your circumstances.  The difficulties that you are facing are not your destiny, nor will they dictate.  They will not define you, malign you, restrain

I Am Not Pliable

God does not change

I Am NOT pliable, says the LORD. I cannot be manipulated! I AM NOT for sale and I cannot be controlled. I will not flex with the times and seasons or the culture! I AM CHANGELESS! My purposes cannot be altered. My Word and My Work and MY WILL cannot change. They are in complete agreement and inseparable. I remain

Excellantly and Extravagantly

I do all things excellantly and extravagantly, says the Lord. I Am more than enough. and I Am that for you. There is nothing hid from Me, for I Know all things. I Know your heart and see your greatest desires. I know how you think and how you feel. I know the future. Nothing is out of My hands

Unexpected Gifts

I will give you unexpected gifts and treasures that money cannot buy, and no other power can give you, as you place your expectations upon Me, says the LORD. I have limitless power and there is no end to My supply. I Am able to heal every area of your life. I Am the wonderful counselor that is not just

I Will Pardon You

I will pardon you because of My shed blood and finished work on the cross for you, and My Spirit is in you. I will hold you in My arms and comfort you on all sides. For you are My child, and My voice is within you and I Am always with you. I will hold you in My hand