Excellantly and Extravagantly

I do all things excellantly and extravagantly, says the Lord. I Am more than enough. and I Am that for you. There is nothing hid from Me, for I Know all things. I Know your heart and see your greatest desires. I know how you think and how you feel. I know the future. Nothing is out of My hands

Unexpected Gifts

I will give you unexpected gifts and treasures that money cannot buy, and no other power can give you, as you place your expectations upon Me, says the LORD. I have limitless power and there is no end to My supply. I Am able to heal every area of your life. I Am the wonderful counselor that is not just

I Will Pardon You

I will pardon you because of My shed blood and finished work on the cross for you, and My Spirit is in you. I will hold you in My arms and comfort you on all sides. For you are My child, and My voice is within you and I Am always with you. I will hold you in My hand

Crown of Glory

I Am your joy and crown of glory, for I will glorify My name in You, says the LORD. I Am your healer. I Am your peace that passes all understanding. I Am peace like a river. I Am your everything and your all. I Am near you. You are My child, My dearly beloved child, and I love you

Superintend Your Life

I will superintend your life, says the LORD. I will superintend everything concerning you as you relinquish the controls to Me. I will enforce My kingdom purposes as you allow Me to come into every situation and be your director. I will direct your steps in righteousness and guide you with My own eye. There is nothing you can do

Glory and Grace

I am the LORD of glory and grace, says the LORD. I AM the unspeakable gift that I give you. Yes, I give you Myself. I give you My Spirit. I give you My anointing. I give you My joy and peace. I give you great pleasure in My presence. I give you great and exceeding, precious promises that I

My Fullness

You have asked Me for the fullness of My SPIRIT and My Power and My glory, says the LORD, and I Am asking you for your full surrender of yourself unto ME. I will give you My heart as you give your heart to Me. You will have all that I have in reserve for you as you give Me

I Never Quit

You are never alone, says the LORD, for I Am always with you. I never quit, and I will not quit on you. Do not quit on yourself. Do not give up on yourself. I have not. I have not called you to failure. I have not asked you to be a door mat that is trampled under the foot

My Glory

I will fill you with My glory, says the LORD, and cause it to erupt from you and fill the environs around you, says the LORD. Come into My presence and be fat and full of My unspeakable blessings that await you. COME! There is nothing prepared for you that is tasteless or ordinary. Nothing that I have for you

Fill You with My Glory

I will fill you with My glory, says the LORD, for you are My dwelling place and you are My holy priesthood. You are the vessel of honor that I will use to display My power and glory in the earth. Do not look to the future, but see Me at work NOW, says the LORD. You have longed for