I Will Fill You With My Glory and Power

I will fill you with My glory and My power in My presence, says the Lord.  There is no end to My power and glory!  You cannot exhaust it.  As you press into My presence, I will press My presence into you.  You will be filled to capacity and overflowing with My radiant glory.  Come closer.  Receive from Me the fullness of My Spirit and My vibrant life.  The river of My unspeakable glory is flowing, and will flood your soul.  Come in and bask in it, for your joy will then be full.  You have carried many burdens.  Make the exchange with Me now, and give Me all  your burdens, and I will carry them.  Shift them over onto Me.  Let My glory rest upon you.  I want you to be a carrier of My glory, so that wherever you are and wherever you go, the very atmosphere around you will be changed by the presence of My glory, says the Lord.

You have wanted more: more of My power, more of My Spirit, more of My glory, says the Lord.  I will not withhold it from you if you will come away from the distractions of life and press into My presence.  You will never be the same again.  It is My desire for you to be filled with My Spirit that will cause your heart to sing.  You will rejoice as never before, for there is a bountiful supply.  I will give you the power of My Spirit to not only overcome all the trials and tests of your earthly sojourn, but you will be able to defeat the wicked one every time.  I will empower you with My Spirit to do the works that I do, and greater works than you have never witnessed or heard about.  This is available in My presence.  Power to overcome and overwhelm the enemy is awaiting you now.  Just come in.  Soak in My glory, and the light of My glory will be seen upon you as the light of My countenance shines upon you.  Others will know that you have been with Me as you are able to withstand all the storms of life, become the worst enemy of the dark one and destroy his works. Empty yourself of all the things of this world that are weighing you down and come into My presence where you will be unburdened and carefree, and empowered with My Spirit, says the Lord.

This is Prophet June Sheltrown, Prophetic Light International. Please send your donations to 40403 Sunburst Drive, Dade City, Florida 33525, or use the donation button on our website, propheticlight.org. For International donations through pay pal, select “Goods and Services”. Thank you, and God bless you.

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