Fullness of My Spirit, Power and Glory

You have asked Me for the fullness of My SPIRIT and My Power and My glory, says the LORD, and I Am asking you for your full surrender of yourself unto ME. I will give you My heart as you give your heart to Me. You will have all that I have in reserve for you as you give Me your all. I will receive all who come to Me, and will not cast you out of My presence, will not deny you access to My power and I will enrich whosoever will that will come and eat at My table and drink of the waters of LIFE. I have not withheld anything from you, and you are not to withhold anything from Me. What you control will not be controlled by Me. What you keep will not be kept by ME. What you will not relinquish to Me will not be used by ME. Give Me your all, for whatever you lay down and allow to die, I will resurrect and perfect for My glory. Let Me be in control of everything in you and your life, says the LORD.

Only as you yield your members to Me will I be able to flow through you, says the LORD. As you desire to be a vessel of honor, I desire to receive you and make you holiness onto ME. Trust that when you lose your life and die to yourself that you will then be able to walk in My resurrection power and life. I will proportionately give you more of Me when you give more of yourself to Me.  Trust Me with your life.  Trust that I will not harm you or diminish you or abuse you.  I will heal you, increase you and fulfill all of your desires of your heart and bring you into your full destiny in ME. As I have called and chosen you and placed you into My kingdom for such a time as this, Let ME be your all in all, and allow Me to abide in you as you abide in Me and trust Me to be the LORD of all of your life, says the LORD.

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