My Favor Rests upon You

My favor rests upon you, says the LORD. It is the mantle of My grace. It is abundant. It is unearned. It is free, for I have paid in full for it by My shed blood for you and the finished work of the cross. Never diminish My finished work of grace for you, but embrace it with unwavering faith.

My Grace and Mercy

My grace and mercy are inexhaustible and unending, says the LORD. They are renewable every day. I never run short of Loving kindness for you, for you are MY beloved child. I purchased you with a great price because I value you. You are a peculiar treasure onto Me. Do not degrade yourself or allow the enemy to malign you

All Sufficient

My grace is all sufficient for you, says the LORD: Sufficient for everything in your life. It covers all! You cannot earn My favor by good deeds that you do. My gifts are GIFTS that you receive by simple, child-like, dependent faith in Me and My finished work on the cross. You could not earn your salvation. You cannot earn

Perfect Completeness

I have given onto you the perfect completeness of My grace, the purity of My Word and the power of My presence says the LORD. I AM your sufficiency. I Am your source. I Am your ALL in ALL. I Am with you all the way! I have given you My unfailing counsel that is unfailing. I Am the WAY,

Your Continual Source

I Am your continual source, says the LORD. I never cease to supply, and I Am unlimited. I have an endless supply that can never be depleted or diminished. I Am everything that you need, and I will supply your need as you fully trust in Me at all times. I will not disappoint you or deny you of anything

Obey My Voice

Good success comes from Me as you follow Me and obey My voice. I never lead you into darkness, but light. I will always bring you into a large place and enlarge you to fill it, says the LORD. My kingdom is vast and glorious and there is no end to its light and glory and power. There is no

I Can Be Trusted

Trust in ME at all times, says the LORD. I can be trusted. Trust that I love you. Trust that I care about you. Trust that I know all about you and still love you. Trust that I have always taken care of you and watch over you at all times. There is nothing absent or missing in My care

Made You Worthy

I have made you worthy by My shed blood and finished work on the cross for you, says the LORD. Do not allow the enemy, the accuser of the saints to cause you to come under condemnation. No more, says the Lord. I have fully sanctified and purified you. There is nothing that My blood has not covered. There is

My Favor and Grace

My favor and grace for you is always the same, even as I cannot change, says the LORD. It is your faith in Me that pleases Me. Let your faith be unwavering and unchanging with all your times and seasons as well. Maintain your trust in Me at all times. Do not let fear grip you or invade your life.

Great Grace

I Am mantling you with great grace, says the Lord. My favor will rest upon you, for I Am a God of mercy and grace.  Just as you have obtained mercy from me and unmerited favor, I will cause you to give that same gift to others.  It is not about what they earn or how much they give or even accept the gift of your love and mercy. It