Revival and New Life

I will not withhold the former and latter rain, as I pour out My Spirit upon you, and bring revival and new life to the nations, says the LORD. I will revive and restore you. You will be full of new life and vitality in Me, as I fill you with My Spirit to capacity and overflowing. I will set

Surrounded by My Glory

My grace is always sufficient for you, says the LORD. It is never short of your need. I will never have any insufficiciencies to offer you, and you will have all the grace and favor that you need, forever, as you entrust Me with your life. There is nothing that you need that I will not supply, as you come

Multiplied Blessings

I will give you exactly what you need, for I know everything about you, and understand what you do not, says the LORD. I see even the smallest needs that you have, and I will supply them. I Am your exceeding, great reward. I will furnish a table for you to come and feast. All you need, and desire is

You Have a Living Hope!

Your happiness is not dependent upon your circumstances, says the LORD.  Your joy in Me is your strength.  Your hope is not empty as others who have no faith in Me.  You have a lively hope, because of My grace that I have given you as you have believed in Me and received Me as the LORD of your life. 

Feast on Today’s Manna!

         Your times and seasons are in My hands, and your life is hid in Me, says the LORD.  I have you covered in Me.  I have cloaked you with My grace and mantled you with My mercy that endures forever.  You are not behind the times.  You cannot go beyond them.  They are set in order,

Grace and Favor

     I will pour out My love upon you and mantle you with My grace and favor, as you come into My presence and receive all that I have for you this day, says the LORD.  You will never need to be unfulfilled.  You will never be dissatisfied with what I have for you.  I will give you an abundance

Abundance of Grace

I will give you an abundance of grace and fill you with My glory, says the LORD. For there is a never ending supply. My mercy for you endures forever. My love for you is without interruption. It never fails. Do not look at yourself as a failure, when I have created you for success. Do not focus on what

Spirit of Grace

I will pour out My SPIRIT of grace upon you and cloak you with My comfort, says the LORD. For My grace for you is abundant. My love for you is unimpeachable. My power is inexhaustible and I cannot forget you. I will not turn My back upon you. I will not forsake you and you will not be ignored.

My Grace Is Sufficient

My grace is sufficient and abundant for you, says the LORD. For I Am your sufficiency. I Am life to you. It is abundant life. I have abundant resources for you that cannot be exhausted. I have more than enough for you, for as I Am, I do! I Am El Shaddai, the GOD that is more than enough. I

My Free Gift

My grace is sufficient for you, says the LORD. It is My free gift for you. Just receive all that I have freely given to you by unwavering faith in Me. I have already accomplished everything that you need by My finished work on the cross and shed blood for you. I have given you new life in Me. All