Promotion and Advancement

Promotion and advancement comes from Me, says the LORD.  I AM the author of it and I Am the one Who gives good success as you keep My Word before Me and pursue Me.  I will position you and provide for you.  There is no good thing that I will withhold from you as you entrust Me to be the

I Delight in You

I delight in you, My Love.  I delight to give you good things.  I delight that My will is done in you as it is in heaven.  I delight to give you special gifts and ministries as you rely upon Me.  I love to see you smile. I enjoy partnering with you so that you can be fulfilled in the destiny that I

Unspeakable Joy

I declare onto you, Though weeping may endure through the night, joy comes in the morning, says the Lord.   I will give you unspeakable joy for your sorrow.  The days of your mourning are coming to an end.  The darkness will dissipate and the dawning of a new day is coming.  You have wept. You have had sorrow of heart. 

I’m Turning Things Around for You

I’m turning things around for you, says the Lord.  I will turn things around.  I Am turning your sorrow into joy.  I Am turning your night into day.  I Am turning defeat into victory.  I Am turning poverty into provision.  I Am turning sickness into health.  I Am turning weakness into strength. I will do it, says the Lord.  I Am able to do all things for

Hold onto My Unfailing Hand

Unfailing Hands

Hold onto My unfailing hand, says the Lord. I Am leading you out of darkness into the dawning of a new day.  Yes, the day is about to break, and there will be change.  The winds of change are blowing and My Spirit is moving you into a new season.  The old will have passed away and the sudden newness

Be Loosed from the Chains

Break the Chains

Sorrow is turned into joy before Me, says the Lord. I Am turning away your captivity before your very eyes.  I say, prison doors, be open.  Be loosed from the chains that have bound you.  Let My light shine into the very shadows of depression in your life.  Enough of the pain and suffering.  No more, says the Lord.  I do not want

Let My Joy Be Your Strength

Let My Joy be your strength, says the Lord.  I  want to give you real joy for your mourning.   I will give you the garment of praise for depression.  I do not want you overwhelmed with sadness.  I do not want you to grieve.  Come into My presence and allow Me to wrap My everlasting arms of love around you.  Let Me comfort you in all your

You Are Precious in My Sight

You are precious in My sight, says the Lord, like a pearl of great price! I value you greatly. Those who belittle you and condemn you are coming against Me, says the Lord, for you are Mine, and I laid down My life for you! I have given unto you My best gifts, and I would not do that for