Sing a New Song of Praise

Let your heart leap for joy and sing a new song of praise onto Me, says the LORD. For I Am with you to give you unspeakable joy. I desire for you to be unburdened as you relinquish every care that you have and give them to Me. Let your heart be carefree! Cast everything onto Me that is weighing

I Am Your Comfort and Joy

I Am your comfort and joy, says the LORD. Enter into that place of peace in My presence and partake of what I have reserved for you. My presence goes before you to give you rest. I have unspeakable joy for you that cannot be obtained anywhere else. It is endless and real. Come and enjoy sweet fellowship with Me

Rejoice in Me and Be Glad


  Rejoice in Me and be glad, says the LORD. Sing and make melody in your heart to Me. For I Am singing My love songs over you, My beloved children. The sound of music fills the heavens and the earth as I release fresh goodness and mercy this day for you. I have decreed over you new life and

Come as You Are

Come to Me as you are, says the LORD. You are not unacceptable to Me. You will not be turned away. You will not be refused or denied. You have access to Me right now. COME! COME! I said that I will not cast out anyone who comes to ME. NO ONE will be banished from ME that comes. I

The Harvest Is Coming

The harvest is coming

The harvest is coming, says the LORD. You have sown in tears. You will surely reap in joy. A harvest of your labors for Me is coming. A harvest of your prayers is coming. A harvest of the good seeds you have sown is coming. A harvest of your sacrificial service is coming. A harvest of your patience is coming.

Oil of Joy

I will give you the oil of joy for that of mourning and the garment of praise for the sprit of heaviness, says the LORD, for I am your comforter and your all in all as you look onto Me.  I will comfort you on all sides, for I love you with an everlasting and unconditional love.  Run to Me

Made to Forget

Made to forget, says the LORD. I will make you forget the former things in light of My glory to come. They cannot be compared to what I will do for you, with you and through you by My Spirit. The former things are nothing. I will make you to forget the former failed harvests in light of the bumper

Turning Things Around

I’m turning things around for you, says the Lord. I will turn things around. I Am turning your sorrow into joy. I Am turning your night into day. I Am turning defeat into victory. I Am turning poverty into provision. I Am turning sickness into health. I Am turning weakness into strength. I will do it, says the Lord. I

Fully Furnished

I have fully furnished you onto every good work, says the LORD. I have not left anything undone or unfinished. When I said it is finished, as I gave My life for you on the cross, it was. My shed blood has eradicated all that was sin and death in you and you will not reap that harvest. I call

My Joy Is Your Strength

My joy is your strength, says the LORD. Come into My presence where your joy will be full and overflowing. I Am your unimpeachable joy, regardless of the circumstances that surround you. Come away from the stress and the pressures and the demands that are vying for your attention and receive of Me. I will refresh you and you will