My Promised Land

My promised land is always a good land, a land flowing with milk and honey. It is a land of occupation and inheritance and a dwelling place that is fully provisioned and secure. It is a gift of My grace rather than what you have earned or merited. All that I have for you is a gift. I have fully

No Favorites

I have no favorites, says the LORD, and no one is more important to Me than you are. I created you to have fellowship with Me, and I desire you to come closer. My love for you is unchanging and unconditional. It is unimpeachable. You are precious and priceless to ME. My table is spread for you to come and

Be of Good Cheer

Be of good cheer, says the LORD, for I Am giving you My unspeakable joy for your sadness. I AM giving you the garment of praise in exchange for the depression that has cloaked you. I will cause your heart to sing. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for the things of the past, the former things are NO LONGER! A

Joy and Laughter

Joy and laughter are returning to My house and My people, says the LORD. I Am pouring out and pouring in My Spirit of rejoicing, and it will flow out of you and affect all that is around you, says the LORD. It will break out to on the left and right side. It will penetrate and radiate and explode

All Things New

I Am the One who makes all things new says, I will make all things new for you, says the LORD.  I will do a new thing with you and for you and out of you will come a flow of the new. I will bring you into a new season of joy and peace and power as you press into My

Seed of Faith

I will cause you to give birth to what you have carried and labor for, says the LORD.  You have been expecting a miracle, and you will not be disappointed. You have watched as the seed of faith has germinated and grown within you.  You have fed upon My rhema Word and nurtured that which you have been carrying.  Others

My Unspeakable Joy

Laugh your way into victory, says the LORD, for My unspeakable joy belongs to you even in times when the storm clouds gather and threaten you with damage and loss.  Laugh at the storm clouds.  Laugh at the enemy.  Let him know that trouble on every side is not about to take you down and will not take you out

Promotion and Advancement

Promotion and advancement comes from Me, says the LORD.  I AM the author of it and I Am the one Who gives good success as you keep My Word before Me and pursue Me.  I will position you and provide for you.  There is no good thing that I will withhold from you as you entrust Me to be the

I Delight in You

I delight in you, My Love.  I delight to give you good things.  I delight that My will is done in you as it is in heaven.  I delight to give you special gifts and ministries as you rely upon Me.  I love to see you smile. I enjoy partnering with you so that you can be fulfilled in the destiny that I

Unspeakable Joy

I declare onto you, Though weeping may endure through the night, joy comes in the morning, says the Lord.   I will give you unspeakable joy for your sorrow.  The days of your mourning are coming to an end.  The darkness will dissipate and the dawning of a new day is coming.  You have wept. You have had sorrow of heart.