There Is No Fear in Love

There is no fear in Love, says the Lord. My perfect love casts out all fear. I have perfect love for you. You can trust in My love that is unconditional for you. You can depend upon it. I will be with you all the way, for My love never fails. Love is of Me, for I AM love, says

Many Waters Cannot Quench the Love

Many waters cannot quench the love that I have for you, says the Lord.  My love is everlasting and infallible.  It is unconditional.  It is unearned.  It is undeniable.  It is constant.  It is enduring.  It is unchangeable.  No matter what you are going through and no matter what the times and seasons are in your life, no matter what the

My Love For You Never Fails

My love for you never fails, says the Lord. Others have failed you.  Others have abandoned you.  Others have misunderstood you.  Others have disappointed you.  Others have not been there for you.  But My love for you is consistent.  It never changes.  It is unconditional.  I will never fail you in any way, says the Lord.  You are always on My mind

Nothing Can Separate you From My Love

Nothing can separate you from My love, says the Lord!  Nothing!  My love is constant.  My love for you is unconditional!  I loved you while you were yet in your sins, says the Lord.  I loved you enough to pay the price for your redemption with My own shed blood when I gave My life for you on the cross.  You

Love is the Key

Love is the Key

Love is the key to your harvest, says the Lord.  Love is the key.  Love radically.  Love genuinely.  Love constantly as I do.  I AM love, and I want you to be just as I Am.  Love never fails.  I never fail to love you.  I love you unconditionally.  I love you at all times.  I want you to love

Put Your Mind at Ease

Put your mind at ease, says the Lord.  You have worried long enough over the situations that seem out of control in your life and of those you love. I have heard your prayers.  I see the need!  I am aware of your weariness.  Just rest in Me.  You cannot fix the problems, but I can.  You are not the provider.  I

My Love and Mercy Endures Forever

Deep calls for deep, says the Lord.  I Am calling you into the very depth My love for you this day.  Yes, the well of My love and mercy that endures forever for you will never run dry.  You will never be able to explore or comprehend such inexhaustible love that is always there for you.  Nobody loves like I