Life Changing Promises!

My promises to you are live changing, says the LORD.   I will stretch out My hands to you and give you multiple blessings that you could not even imagine.  For they will astound you. They will challenge you to a new level of greatness in Me.  They will lift you into new heights of My glory and you will excel

Continual Care

I will feed you, clothe you, shelter you, and provide for you continually, for I Am your Great Shepherd, says the LORD. You will not go without My continual care. Trust in My love for you that is unimpeachable and perfect. Hope in My faithfulness, and trust in Me at all times. For I have kept you all the days

I Will Prosper You

I will prosper you in the work that I have called you to do, says the LORD. For your labor is not vain in ME. I have already furnished you for every good work that I have ordained for you to accomplish for My kingdom. Everything you need is prepared in advance for you for your discovery. You have purpose

Open Doors

I will open doors for you, says the LORD, for I will make a way for you where there is no way. I Am unlimited in power and My presence goes before you to prepare the way for you. Do not fear what tomorrow will bring, for your future is in My hands and I am in complete control. I

In Control

Rejoice in ME, says the LORD. I have given you exceeding, precious promises, and I will hear and answer your prayers. I AM in control of your life and circumstances and Am on task to help you always. Look up, says the LORD. Look up and see that there are more with you than against you. Joy and peace await

Provision, Position and Promotion

Provision, position and promotion, says the LORD. I am your provision for everything that I Am calling you to do. Every purpose that I have for you will be a place that I have prepared for you, and I will give you everything that you need that will equip you for what you will be assigned to do. There is

Do Not Fret about the Future

Do not fret about the future, says the LORD. Fear is not an option. Trust in ME. Remember what I have already brought you through and how I have always provided for you in the past. You are in My hands today. Don’t you believe that I can and will take care of you tomorrow? For My love and care

Choose to Serve Me

Choose to serve Me this day and choose ME this day, says the LORD, for it is a new day and a new time of declaration. Decree that there is no other one for you. Decree that there is no other voice that will speak. Declare that I Am your source, and in control of all things. Abandon yourself to

I Hold You Up

I will keep you from falling, as I hold you up by My right hand, says the LORD. I will keep you steady and stable. You are never on your own and do not have to stand in your own strength. I Am with you always, not as an observer only, but on task to secure you. I Am your

Fully Provision

I will provision you for everything that I call you to do, says the LORD. I will fully equip you for what I want you to do. I will prepare you for the purpose that I have for you, and you will be able to do all things well, even as I do, for I will be with you and