Times of Refreshing


The times of refreshing will come to you as you turn to Me with all of your heart and pursue Me with all of yourself, says the LORD. Turn around. Look intently upon ME, for I want your full attention. Do not look to the world for fulfillment, for you will never find it there. I Am longing for you

Perfect Rest


Come into My presence where you will find perfect rest and refreshing, says the LORD. You have become weary with the journey. Cease from trying so hard in your own strength to make things happen. I Am the way maker, because I AM the WAY! You can depend upon Me to do just what I said I would do. I

Season of Refreshing


I will bring you into your season of refreshing, says the Lord. You have even wearied yourself this season, and things are about to shift.  I want you to enter into My rest that I have prepared for you in My presence. It is not the inactivity that I Am speaking about: it is My easy yoke and light burden. You have struggled

Rest and Wait Patiently Upon Me


Rest and wait patiently upon Me, and I will bring it to past, says the Lord.  I Am speaking of the desires of your heart.  You are ringing your hands again.  That is not trusting Me.  Do you want the controls back in your life, or are you giving them to Me?  When you had them all by yourself it

Put Your Mind at Ease


Put your mind at ease, says the Lord.  You have worried long enough over the situations that seem out of control in your life and of those you love. I have heard your prayers.  I see the need!  I am aware of your weariness.  Just rest in Me.  You cannot fix the problems, but I can.  You are not the provider.  I