I Will Restore Comforts

I will restore comforts onto you, says the LORD. Do not look back at the former things or allow your present difficulties to veer you off the path that I have enlightened for you. For the former things are passed away. What is ahead is NEW. The past will not interfere with what I create and where lead you. NEW

Restore You by My Spirit

I will restore you by My Spirit, says the LORD. I will visit the waste places of your life and restore what you considered to be beyond redemption. YOUR REDEEMER LIVES, says the LORD. I AM your Redeemer. I will restore the wasted years that you have already written off as a total loss. I speak value to the valueless.

Resurrection and the Life

I Am the resurrection and the life and I Am breathing new life into you, says the LORD. I will restore life and vitality to you. DO not celebrate death. Celebrate Life. In ME is life! In Me is vitality. I will resurrect your broken dreams. Even as you have seen the dry and disconnected bones that are past the

I Will Pardon You

I will pardon you because of My shed blood and finished work on the cross for you, and My Spirit is in you. I will hold you in My arms and comfort you on all sides. For you are My child, and My voice is within you and I Am always with you. I will hold you in My hand