My Blood Covers You

My blood covers you and cleanses you from all unrighteousness, says the LORD. You cannot add to what I have completed for you on the cross. For when I said, “It is finished, ” It was. You cannot make yourself righteous. You cannot make yourself holy. I have accomplished this for you as I have blotted out every one of

Stand Still and See My Salvation


Stand still and see My salvation, says the Lord, for you are not stuck. You are not in the wrong place doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, but exactly where I have positioned you to be. You will stand before you walk and you will walk before you run and you will run before you fly on eagle’s

My Kingdom

I AM your beginning and your end, says the Lord.  I have created you.  I have birthed you into My family as you received My free gift of salvation.  I have established you in My kingdom, for the purpose that you had before the very foundation of the world.  There is nothing about you in the past, present and future

Paid in Full

My blessings make you rich, says the Lord, and I add no sorrow to them.  Everyone of them are paid in full. I was a Man of sorrow and acquainted with grief so that I could bear all your sorrow. I will not GIVE you anything that has sorrow attached to it, says the LORD.  All that causes grief is

I Have Given You All Things

Freely I have given to you all things, says the Lord.  I have accomplished for you what you could never accomplish for yourself.  I have paid the price for your salvation, redemption, healing, deliverance and given you unspeakable gifts. I have anointed you with My Spirit and invited you to be at home in My presence.  There is nothing that

Your Righteousness Is in Me

Your righteousness is in Me, says the Lord.  You could not earn it. I have given it to you by your faith in My substitutionary death on the cross for you.  I paid the complete penalty for your sins.  I gave you My righteousness.  It is My gift to you as you simply believe in Me and receive Me as your Savior and Lord. There was

Nothing Is Impossible

There is nothing impossible with Me, says the Lord, and nothing beyond My power.  I Am on task, and I will do great and mighty things in the midst of you as you place your faith and trust in Me.  I Am not only a can do God, but I will!  I will to heal you.  I will go provision you.  I will to help

I Will Fully Provision You

I will fully provision you, says the Lord. Looking at half empty or half full is not what matters. Trusting for fullness is the perspective that I want you to have, says the Lord.  Do not be content with less than I purchased for you by My shed blood and finished work on the cross.  I paid the FULL price

Stand Still and See My Salvation

The battle is Mine, says the Lord.  Stand still and see My salvation!  The enemy is defeated!  I Am a Man of war, and I will fight for you.  Your enemies are My enemies.  Your battles are Mine!  My strength is made perfect in your weakness, says the Lord!  It is not your strength the defeats the dark one….it is