I Am More than Enough

I Am more than enough for you, says the LORD. I Am all that you need. I Am all that you could ever want. I Am unlimited and what I have for you is always good. I have made you for a special purpose and you are unique and valued by Me. Trust that when I created you, I made

Look Ahead

Look ahead, says the LORD, for what is ahead is your destiny. Your past is past. Your future is determined by Me. It is your destiny and it is good. Do not fret about the days ahead, for I will hold you by my own right hand and give you My grace and glory, keep you sure-footed and keep you

Your Troubles Are Not Troublesome

Your troubles are not troublesome to Me, says the LORD, and your challenges are not a challenge to Me. Your limitations cannot limit Me. Look beyond your circumstances that are endeavoring to dictate to you, confine you and keep you from going forward. For they are not bigger than I Am. I Am that friend that sticks closer than a

When You Seek Me

When you seek Me, you have sought a good thing, says the LORD. When you have entrusted your life and destiny to ME, you have made a good decision. I will lead you and guide you all the days of your life as you keep trusting in Me. Keep believing in Me. Keep pursuing ME. I will not only be

Keep Trusting in Me

Keep trusting in Me at all times, says the LORD, for I Am trustworthy. I Am infallible. I Am consistent and dependable! Let your eyes be fixed upon ME. Believe that your household will be saved because you have believed upon Me and Made Me the LORD of your life. I will give you the desires of your heart as

Entrust Your Yourself to Me

I will confound the plans of the enemy that is against you and confuse his counsel, as you entrust your yourself to Me, says the LORD. I will make his wisdom foolishness and make him as weak as water. I will defeat him and bring him to certain exposed shame as he has openly shamed My Name, says the LORD.

My Thoughts Are Higher

It is not what you think or what someone else thinks, but what I think, says the LORD. My thoughts are higher. Come up higher. Relinquish the lower, and step up! Do not drag you feet or wade through the mire. My higher thoughts will bring you to a new level, and never down. My thoughts are good thoughts, creative

All in All


I Am your ALL IN ALL, says the LORD. NOTHING in your life is out of MY control even when it seems to be spinning out of control for you. I AM WITH YOU. I AM FOR YOU! I HAVE SEEN every tear and bottled them. They are not on a shelf or in storage room, but right before ME.

Trust in Me

Trust in Me at all times, for I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of love, and of power and a sound mind, says the LORD. I Am with you always to provision you and help you. Your help comes from Me in every area and aspect of your life. I love you unconditionally and unimpeachably and

Nothing Is off Limits

Nothing is off limits and nothing is out of bounds for Me, says the Lord. For I know no bounds. I have no limits. Nothing is too big for Me. Nothing is too small for me. I Am a God of detail and My understanding is infinite. Nothing is too high for Me that I cannot reach. Nothing is too