Prophetic Word for 2017

This Word was given to Dr. June Reinke, prophetic pastor, evangelist and teacher for the year 2017. She has been the senior pastor of Faith Fellowship Ministries in Florida since 1988. She has ministered in the prophetic to individuals and corporate groups for decades.

Buckle up your seat belts for this year, for it is going to be SOME RIDE! I see a roller coaster for 2017. Some of you have already been going around and around in circles for a long time and not making viable progress. Others have been on a tread-mill, walking and even running in place, using lots of energy, turning up the speed and even going into the incline mode to force acceleration and ascension into your full destiny and purposes to no avail. This year will be neither circular motion, a maze or creating weariness without progress and advancement. This year will amaze you!

This year will be the year of ups and downs. Hold on tightly initially for the new beginning, for it will be a thrilling ride that will thrust you into your destiny and purpose. It is a year of MOVEMENT: a move of GOD that will move you as well as those you will encounter.

There will be the peaks and valleys. You have visualized a steady incline and have seen the peaks from a distance without seeing the connecting valleys between. But the good news is that although you will experience the times of decline, you will do so with SPEED; it will be a fast pace only to increase your acceleration to your next level. For you will not go down into the valley to stay there, but to ascend higher.

Not everyone will ride. Not everyone will take the risk. Not everyone will take this adventure. It is a wild ride with a purpose. Even in the times that you descend there will be a purpose for this. As the disciples were up on the Mountain top with the LORD when HE was transfigured before them, they heard the voice of GOD, were enveloped in the cloud of His glory and filled with joy and wonder. They wanted to stay. But the people were in the valley. The need was there below. They would learn that the glory that was around them would be IN THEM in the valley where they could minister in power and the Fire of the HOLY GHOST and heavy, weighty, tangible glory.

Moses also experienced this when He saw the glory of GOD, heard His voice, saw Him write with His finger as he entered into the midst of His presence by invitation. I hear the LORD say, “Come up higher.” Moses then had to go down to where the grumbling people were, deliver them the message from GOD and endure their rebellion, their disbelief, their dishonor, their disobedience, their complaints and even their attempted mutiny. He kept ascending and descending to reach the multitude below. You will do the same.
Just as JESUS was moved with compassion when He saw the needs of the common people and healed the sick, delivered the captives, opened their blind eyes, caused the mane to be whole, the lame to walk, cleansed the lepers, and pronounced that His kingdom had come, you will be His prepared vessel of honor to do as He did. You will ascend into heavenly places with Him, not to just bask there in His glory, but to bring heaven to earth and enforce His kingdom and His will to be done on earth as you violently exercise this Holy GHOST power and authority that you are given.

The down times will sometimes be discouraging, but you will NOT stay there for long. You will only ascend to the higher level in proportion to the depths that you descend. Do not fret about the ups and downs. Do not become frustrated when you just want to go from peak to peak without the connecting valleys. Enjoy the ride, for it will be fast and furious, powerful and productive.

The Roller coaster is NOT what you can control. You cannot stop it, stall it, or command it. The Lord will set the pace, speed and distance for you to go between peak to peak. When experiencing the “down” mode, look forward to greater height of HIS GLORY.

This is a year of grace and glory. For it is NOT a year of judgment. He gives grace before He gives glory. This year you will experience the mantle of His great grace upon yourself, your family, and your region. It is His gift to you. He will pour out His grace and glory. As Moses descended from the Mount of GOD the GLORY OF GOD was seen on Him. This is a GREATER GLORY. You will go from grace to glory, grace to glory, grace to glory. It is a greater grace for a greater glory.

You will have revelation in the heights of His glory and He will do a swift work in you, through you and around you. You will be amazed by His baptism of grace and overwhelmed by His radiant glory! You will not enjoy all of this ride. The portions that stretch you and are uncomfortable and challenging to your faith between peaks will not only be experienced by you but cause you to be deeper. Your roots will go down deep and you will shoot up and branch out. You will become stronger, not weaker. You will be stretched to become expanded and enlarged. Your faith will be built so that at the next level you will operate in a greater way. What stretches you will also enlarge you and broaden your reach of others for the GLORY OF GOD and expanse of HIS KINGDOM on earth.

Jesus went into the bowels of the earth in death, and triumphed in resurrection power. He released the captives and openly displayed His power. He arose as the KING OF GLORY and had the keys of death and hell. He arose in power and authority over death and hell itself. The chosen, elect and select of GOD who refuse to quit when they descend will arise in resurrection power and authority. Hell will reel and darkness will be defeated. Death will be defied and abundant life will be revealed openly and tangibly.

Dare to ride! Dare for this thriller of a year with its ups and downs. Do not despair when you seem to experience a reversal of the vision, a decline of your purpose and a time when your Kingdom destiny feels threatened. For in these brief times you will be refilled, you will be refueled, you will gain strength and SPEED! Look up when you are racing down, for the greater height is coming. You will not just regain position and power and authority that you thought was lost. Feel the wind of His SPIRIT in your face even as you are descending. You will rise up soon with greater glory and power and authority. UP, UP AND AWAY, for even as you go deeper…you will go higher!

This is a year of challenge. This is a year of overcoming. This is a year of overwhelming the enemy. This is a year of revival, restoration and renewal. This is a year of the glory of GOD to be revealed in those who will ride! The speed will astound you. The ups and the downs will challenge your faith and faithfulness. You will learn to be patient in this process that is progressive and not wasted or futile. Every down will have a new up, and you will have to look beyond momentary discouragement, for it is not a stall but a RIDE.

Things are going to be shaken up. You will be shaken by His power and presence and glory. Lift up those hands that hang down! Lift them up in praise and worship this year, for it is an exciting year: a year of advancement, a year of fire and power and glory!

Let a war hoop come out of your mouth and do not fear. As you fasten your seat belt, you are secure so that you can let go and let GOD do the propelling, the steering, the maneuvering. It is time to ride. It is time to trust. It is time to lift up your hands and time to shout for joy in this journey that is moving, changing, developing, expanding, growing, impacting, and powerful. Shout for joy and be thrilled when you are turned upside down. For you will not fall. The shifting, jolting, jerking, moving, bending, shaking twists and turns are for you to TRUST. The process is unpredictable but the outcome is sure!
This year, 2017 is a year, not just a vision, but will become an unperishable reality. For the vision that you wrote will unfold. The seeds that you have scattered that appeared to fall on the hard path, the stony ground and choked by the cares of life and deceitfulness of riches and produced a failed harvest will not be lost. The dead and dry seed will be watered upon by the SPIRIT of GOD.

The things you have sown in tears in 2016 will produce as your tears and travail have watered the dead looking seed that the LORD has given you. Hope will arise and be restored. New life and vitality is coming.

Your harvest is coming. Your seed given to you to sow is the vital WORD of GOD that will not return void or empty and unproductive. You will see a LIVING WORD that will be penetrating, life-giving, powerful, healing, and delivering. The WORD of GOD will come in demonstration and power this year, and not be a dead letter that produces nothing. For those of you who will ride, faith will take on feet and come alive. God will honor your faithfulness in plowing, planting, watering, cultivating and WAITING on HIM for the harvest. It will surely come.

The Work will go forth this year. What has begun in 2016 in fire and power and glory will be multiplied, increased, and expanded. You will be increased. The anointing will increase. The fire will increase. The power will increase and be spreadable. Revival fires that began will rage and spread and the WORD of God will come in demonstration and power this year.

Don’t get off the ride. Endure the ups and downs, the twists and curves, the sudden and unexpected. Are you ready for the time of your life? Get ready! For you are about to experience what you never did before this year, for the greater glory is coming for those who will come aboard this year for this thriller ride that will bring you into a new awareness, a greater vision, greater glory, and your powerful purpose in Him.

Let’s get ready. Get set! GO!

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