Buckle Your Seat

I see that many of you are frustrated about your vision. It is cloudy, even for those who had more clarity. Your purpose that is defined is stalled. This brings confusion as you seem to have more questions than answers.

This is a time of shifting, and the jolts are being felt big time for you. It is NOT comfortable or comforting. You will need to get your eat belt on for this shift, for it is jerking you, and seems to want to knock you right off track.

Do not confuse this time with the work of the devil, for GOD is shifting you, and you need to ride the tide. Just hang onto Him, and you will get there safely and assuredly.

He is removing you from the comfortable KNOWN to take you into new territory that you have never been before. This is causing you to wonder, causing you to question, causing you frustration. For things are not going smoothly for you as you had hoped for. This makes you wonder if GOD is even in it.

Shifting and birthing is NOT EASY, and this is a time for both. SO not only will you experience pain, but you will feel uncertain and frustrated. HOLD ON! THE NEW IS BEING BIRTHED, New levels coming, and you will ascend into new heights of His glory.

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