God Honors His Word!

If I have given you the authority to speak to a mountain and cast it into the sea, as you believe, then you can remove the obstacles in your life by speaking them and commanding them to be gone, says the LORD. Only believe. Put voice to your faith and speak to your situations.  They are not as big as a mountain that is subject to your command, and they too are not impossible to move. Use what I have given you, and know that I will back My name that I have given you to use, and I will back your declaration of faith, and I will back My Word that is in your mouth.  You will not only be able to clear the path ahead of you of anything the enemy puts in the way to try to stop you from moving forward, but you will become a trail blazer, says the LORD.

Don’t just mouth My Word.  Believe it and speak it, says the LORD.  For speaking My Word and praying My Word and speaking My name without faith is unproductive. Nothing will move without your genuine faith in Me to perform what you say, says the LORD.  You will become unstoppable as you enter into My Word and live in it. Move in it and believe that the just shall live in My faith that results from hearing My Word.  As you speak My Word, your own ears will hear it, and it will reverberate and penetrate as a two-edged sword, and accomplish what it says, and no power can stop My Word from working and performing, says the LORD.

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