Be still, says the LORD. Calm down. There is nothing bigger than Me, that is in the midst of you, and I Am in control of everything! Though things seem to be spinning out of control, do not fret! They are not bigger than Me, and I will handle everything that is troubling to you, as you shift the cares and burdens that you have onto Me and refuse to carry the load yourself, says the LORD.

I Am your burden bearer, and I will carry you, says the LORD. Darkness and defeat are not your lot in life. I have given you light and your hope is not empty. I will bring you safely into your personal land of promise, on time and unscathed. Be confident in My constant care for you, as you link with Me and My light burden and easy yoke. I will more than sustain you, so that you will not just say, “Whew!” You will say, “Wow,” instead, as you see that I will exceed your expectations and give you the victory that you long for as you shift your care completely over onto Me, says the LORD.

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