I Am everything that you need Me to be for you, and much more, says the LORD. I Am your leader and your guide. Your steps are ordered by Me, as I prepare for every one of them. I have cleared the path ahead of you, for you to take. I have made the way bright and fulfilling. You need not be bored and disinterested in all that I give, for I love to do new things and give you unique, unheard of surprises. I love to woe you and wow you with My love and attention, as I bless you beyond your expectations and give you more than you have asked for, prayed for, or believed Me for, says the Lord.

Look beyond the near and now, says the Lord. Yes, strain your eyes, as you gaze into the vast field of harvest that lies before you and beyond. For the fields are ripe for harvest. They are fat and full, with a bumper crop of blessings upon blessings for you. For as you have sown in tears, you will reap in joy! For sorrow is not your portion. Poverty will give way to plenty, and your long, awaited desires of your heart will suddenly appear. You will embrace the fullness of My blessings, and enjoy the fruit of your labors, as you dance and sing and shout for the multiple blessings that will overtake you and overwhelm you with incredible joy and gladness, says the LORD.

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