Pieces Will Fit Together

  All things will come together for you as I take those things that did not seem to fit and place these pieces of your life in perfect harmony with My plan and purpose for you, says the LORD. I will take the bitter things and turn them around to be sweet. I will take the ugly things and make

Blessings Beyond Imagination

I Am everything that you need Me to be for you, and much more, says the LORD. I Am your leader and your guide. Your steps are ordered by Me, as I prepare for every one of them. I have cleared the path ahead of you, for you to take. I have made the way bright and fulfilling. You need

Promotion and Prosperity

Promotion and prosperity comes from Me, says the Lord, and it comes in many facets in your life.  I Am the One that creates opportunities for you.  I Am the door opener and closer.  I will open the right doors for you to walk through and I will also close doors that I have not authored.  The doors I open