Because you have trusted Me as your Savior and LORD, I have washed you and cleansed you from all unrighteousness, says the LORD. I have given you a new name and sealed you with MINE. I have brought you out of the kingdom of darkness, into My kingdom of light. You are reborn into My family, and I AM your everlasting Father, and you are My everlasting child, says the LORD.

Forever is forever, and I Am forever yours, and you are forever Mine, says the LORD. I Am your everlasting peace. I have given you everlasting life. You have unthinkable, everlasting joy in My presence, and I have given you everlasting gifts. You are My called out one, and I have given you My everlasting love. You are planted into My Kingdom by My own hands, and none can pluck you up. Trust that what I have given you will not be extracted from you, and My blessings upon blessings that add no sorrow to you, are what I will always give to you, says the LORD.

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