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Fullness of Life

Cast CaresWhat I own, I take responsibility for, says the LORD. I take meticulous care of EVERYONE and everything that belongs to ME. I have bought you with a price. My blood has cleansed you. I have recorded your name in My book of Life and given you eternal LIFE. Life is not full of defeat and unhappiness, but well being! Did I tell you that you will only have eternal life someday? I have saved you for now and forever. What I have for you is fullness of life now, as you belong to ME, says the LORD.

I Am with you always, not just to observe, but to Help, says the LORD. Sympathy is not what you long for, but answers to your complex problems. That is what I will give to you! Noting is too difficult for me, and NOTHING is complicated. Do not think of impossibilities, but believe in the POSSIBLE, for all things, and I mean what I say, All things are possible for those who believe, says the LORD.

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