I Am Faithful and True

I am Faithful and TRUE, says the LORD. That is what I was, what I AM, and what I always will be, says the LORD. I have NOT failed you. It is impossible for me to do so. I cannot fail you today, and tomorrow, or ever. My love is unfailing. My grace is unfailing. My power is unfailing. My purpose is unfailing. My Word is unfailing, and you will not fail. For I Am the One who holds you up with My own right hand, and I Am the ONE who will keep you from falling and failing, says the LORD.

You will NOT be a failure, for I have no failures, and you are My workmanship, says the LORD. Trust that you are in My hands that have created you for a purpose, and no power can take you out of MY hands! My hands protect you, provide for you, shelter you, clothe you, bless you, and always embrace you. I love you always and will not cease to take care of you. Trust in Me. Trust that I have YOU in My hands, and you are My beloved child, says the LORD.

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