You need not come onto My throne room and presence, kicking, screaming, flailing, waving your hands or wailing to get My attention, says the LORD. My voice in you is the still, small voice. I Am not thundering in My communication with you. You can come into My throne room boldly, but know that I even know the hidden person of your heart. I hear the cry of your heart. I hear the faintest whisper. I know your thoughts. I Am touched by the very feelings of your infirmities. Do you really KNOW that I care for you? I Am with you, and On YOUR SIDE, says the LORD!

You do not have to convince Me of anything, says the LORD. I understand, and I will stand with you as your Advocate. I Am your helper! I Am the lover of your soul. The enemy cannot triumph over Me, and I will be your defense. I will be everything that you need Me to be! I will not turn My back on you or leave you to fight these battles alone. I will arm you, equip you, empower you by My SPIRIT, and be with you in times of trouble. Trust in Me. For My weapons that I give you are superior. Be strong in Me. Be courageous. Be valiant in warfare. Trust that losing is not an option, and I will give you the SURE victory, and cause you to always triumph in ME, says the LORD.

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