Your help comes from Me, says the LORD. You are NEVER helpless. I will always answer you when you call upon My name. I hear every breath that you take, every time you sigh, and I know every need that you have. I see the hidden things within your heart and know your cry. You are never out of My thoughts, and NEVER out of My sight. I will give you an answer of peace, as you let ME become your perfect peace, as you focus your mind upon Me, rather than the problems and concerns and cares of your life, says the LORD.

I did not create the trouble, but I will be with you in these times, says the LORD. I will hold you up and keep you from falling. I will HELP you, not just observe and listen to you. Solutions come from Me. You are not without My counsel, and I will lead and guide you continually. I will give you joy for the journey as you trust in My care, and do not waver in your faith in Me, says the LORD.

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