Daily Devotional: Remembrance

When my life seems to be slipping away, I remember you. I am not without hope. I look unto you. My prayer comes up to you, and you will hear, you will answer. You will deliver me from all my afflictions, and restore my soul, for you are all-powerful, and care about every detail of my life, because I belong

Daily Devotional: You Will Answer My Prayers

Thank you, Lord, that when I cry onto you in times of distress, you hear me and answer me. You will bring me out of my affliction. You will deliver me from the things that are too difficult for Me. I place My total trust in you, and know that you will answer my prayers, and grant me the desires

Daily Devotional: Healing

Lord, we thank you, that not only do you see my tears, but you bottle them. You are mindful of my infirmities that touch your heart. I have the assurance that not only do you hear my prayers, but you will answer them, and bring me healing in my body, soul, heart, life and all my situations. Amen.

Daily Devotional: God Will Wipe Away Your Tears

Thank you, Lord, that you will wipe all the tears from My eyes, as you turn my sorrow into joy. I will rejoice and be glad, for I can depend upon you to answer My prayers, and intervene in my life, as you heal, repair, revive, restore, and renew Me, because I make you My trust at all times. Amen.

I Will Revive, Renew, Restore, Heal, Deliver

Pour out your heart to Me and empty yourself of all your cares of this life, as you cast them upon Me, says the LORD. I will hear, and I care. I will record your prayers in My book of remembrance, and your tears are preserved. Your petitions are not discarded or lost in bureaucracy. I will attend to your

Daily Devotional: Faith Sees the Answer

Thank you, Lord, that as I place my faith and trust in you, you will give me everything that I hope for. My faith in you gives me tangible substance to all that I hope for and entrust to your care. You will grant me the desires of my heart, answer my prayers, supply my need, and fulfill every promise,

I Will Come and Rescue You

Call upon Me in your day of trouble, and I will answer you, says the LORD. My ears are open to your cry and I will come to your rescue at the sound of your voice. The enemy is NO match for Me, and I declare that you are undefeated. The enemy will not vex you and brag about destroying

Daily Devotional: Freedom from Fear

Thank you, Lord, for delivering Me from the bondage of fear, as I place my trust in you as My heavenly Father that always watches over me. You will never turn your back on me, and you always have my best interest at heart. You will hear and answer my prayers, and pour out your love upon me, and give

Daily Devotional: Ask in My Name

Thank you, Lord, for giving us your Name that is above all names to use, as we pray. Your promise is to answer our prayers as we ask you for anything in your name, and we are privileged to do so. We lift our needs before you in prayer this day, and ask in the name of Jesus that you

I will Honor Every Prayer, Petition and Desire of Your Heart

I will honor every prayer, every petition, every desire of your heart, as you call upon Me, says the LORD. I will answer you. I will never turn you away or plug My ears to you. I will never turn My back on you, and I will never leave you. You are always beloved of Me, and I Am always