I Will Open Doors for You

I will open doors for you, says the LORD. No one will be able to keep you back, for I will make a way for you that is bright and clear, and you will be fully stunned by what I have orchestrated for you. You have seen no way of escape, but you do not have an all-seeing eye. I see the way that you are to take, and I will make it plain and simple. Complications are not what you need, and I did not order that for you. I want you unencumbered and carefree, says the LORD.

Do not fear the unknown, for what is before you is far better than what you will leave behind you, says the LORD. You will not miss the things of the past in view of what lies ahead. See it as a new and exhilarating adventure as you explore the new things that re before you in awe and wonder. For I will not only give you fresh new vision, but I will give you new insight. You will see more clearly the things that were hidden from you before. You will have an understanding heart, as I reveal new things to you and show you things to come. My wisdom is far greater than any other, and My knowledge is supreme. I will teach you new things and give you counsel that you will need for the new places you will go. Trust that joy awaits you through the open doors, and you will be filled with new life as you embrace the things that are just ahead of you, says the LORD.

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