I Am the Father of lights, not darkness, says the LORD. Darkness and light are not compatible. I will extinguish darkness with My light, and darkness cannot put out My light that is in you, says the LORD. The words of darkness will NOT defeat you. I have come to destroy the diabolical works of the enemy. I have empowered you to conquer and overcome, for I Am with you, and in you. No power can conquer Me, and none can conquer you, says the LORD.

My light and life in you are greater than death and darkness, says the LORD. Trust that nothing is bigger and greater than My Spirit in you. You are not under, but over. For the least My dear children are greater than the enemy, because I Am the greater One within. Do not listen to the lies of the enemy, for none of their threats mean anything. Their words are Not words of life and are dead works. I have given you MY WONDERFUL WORDS of LIFE, and they will bring life into you, around you. My Words and Works are healing and delivering, powerful and undefeatable. You are always the victor, as you trust in Me and My life giving Words, says the LORD.

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