Spiritual Conflict

Your battle is not against people, places, things, regions or situations, but it is a spiritual conflict, says the LORD. DO not try to use physical force. The wisdom of the world will not equip you to succeed. Psychological strategies will not help. For it is devils and the kingdom of darkness that you are combating against. The forces of


I Am the Father of lights, not darkness, says the LORD. Darkness and light are not compatible. I will extinguish darkness with My light, and darkness cannot put out My light that is in you, says the LORD. The words of darkness will NOT defeat you. I have come to destroy the diabolical works of the enemy. I have empowered

Divided Darkness from Light

I divided darkness from light, says the LORD, and I have taken you out of darkness and brought you into My kingdom of Light. I have separated death from life and given you abundant life, says the LORD. I have raised you up from dead works to be alive and do good works for My kingdom. There is a dividing

I Am Good

I Am good and have nothing bad to offer you, says the Lord. My will is good. My ways are good. My Word is good and My Work is good. My constant thoughts and plans that I have for you in your life are always good. I Am good to you. I Am good with you. I AM good for

Invading the Forces of Darkness

I Am invading the forces of darkness with My light, says the LORD. Even as My Spirit move upon the face of the waters in the beginning, and I said, “Let there be light,” and there was, My Spirit is brooding over the darkness of the earth now. It is a new beginning, says the LORD, for I make all

I Am Speaking

My thoughts and My ways are within your reach, says the Lord, for I never cease to express them and make them known onto you.  I Am speaking.  I  Am the voice that is leading you continually.  You belong to Me, and I will never leave you in the dark.  I have no darkness in Me or MY kingdom that