Pieces Will Fit Together

     Everything that you have been through is for a purpose, says the LORD.  Nothing is wasted. You do not have to understand everything right now.  In time, you will see more and more how everything will work out for good for you.  I Am the only One who can put the pieces together that seem not to belong, and they will benefit you, says the LORD.

Trust that you are learning, growing, developing, and becoming stronger. The wisdom that I have given you from the experiences you have had will only help you in your next season.  You will not suffer reversals, but you will excel beyond your expectations.  Trust that I will supply everything that you need, and you will not be barren or fruitless. I will give you a HARVEST of good things from every good seed that you have sown. You will not reap seed, but a bumper crop of my blessings, says the LORD.


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