I will breathe into you NEW LIFE, as you come into My presence, and enjoy sweet fellowship with Me, says the LORD.  I want you to feel My breath on your face, and let Me Breathe into you, by My Spirit, as I did, Adam.  Renewal awaits you.  This is a time of refreshing for you, as you draw close to Me, and receive everything that I have laid up in store for you, says the LORD.

You need not be depleted, says the LORD.  Let your strength and vitality be renewed, as you wait on Me.  I will strengthen and help you, as you release your cares of your life to Me, and allow Me to give you My rest.  Do not accept the overload, but cast everything onto Me, and Let Me be your burden bearer.  You need not fall under the weight of those things that are pressing on you.  I will take everything into My care that you give over to Me, and you will not be harmed by the solutions that I give.  You will learn trust, as you practice trusting Me, and come and enjoy friendship and fellowship with Me, unburdened, and carefree, says the LORD.

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