Stretched for Expansion and Enlargement

I will stretch you for the purpose of expansion, says the LORD. You will NOT break, and I will Never stretch you to the point of bursting! I will NOT stress you! That is not what I do! I Am a GOD of tranquility and peace, but when you are stretched through the trying of your faith, know that your faith will GROW! You will know MY FAITHFULNESS! As your faith matures, you will also mature, to become a GIANT in Me. Growing pains have purpose, and you will not only become mature in Me, but you will become an instructor and mentor for others as they will see your steadfastness, even in the times of difficulties, says the LORD.

I have brought you through the trials and tests that you have undergone, and I am well-pleased that you have endured hardness as a good soldier in Me, says the LORD. I have revealed to you that your faith has brought you into a LARGE place, where I have placed you, as a ready, prepared servant-child. Your difficulties have not been without purpose, and you have learned discipline, as a result of your patience. You will not be stressed, but stretched, so that you will are enlarged and prepared for every good work that I have created you to fulfill. Be of GOOD CHEER, for I Am with you, and your purpose will unfold, and you will be READY for the new position that I have prepared for you, and you all who have waited upon Me and trusted in Me will never be disappointed, says the LORD.

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