DO not fret about the times and the seasons, for they are in My hands, says the LORD. Nothing can be postponed, delayed or denied. For while you were yet in the womb of your mother, I set everything for you in perfect order. I Am your beginning and your end. I know the way that you are to take, and have prepared every step that you will take, says the LORD.

Nothing can change what I have already ordained for you and your life, says the Lord. For nothing has been hid from My eyes, as I prepare every place for you that you will step into. Nothing can change my plans and purposes that I knew about and planned for, and nothing can cause to happen beforehand. Trust that everything is being done according to My original plan, and I change NOT. Trust that you are in My hands, you are in My care, you are in My constant thoughts, and you will not miss what I have for you, says the Lord.

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