Wait Patiently on the LORD

Be patient and wait on Me, says the LORD. Do not rush to judgment on anything. Let Me give you what you need, as you entrust Me with your care, says the LORD. I will do it! Do you want to do it yourself and have an unsatisfactory outcome, or do you want ME to do it? For what I have will bring you peace and resolution. You must be patient and allow Me to act on your behalf, to give you the desires of your heart, says the LORD.

My answer will always be righteousness, says the LORD. I will never do anything less than what is right. I will be the cause and the effect. I Am a GOD of judgment and justice, always. Let Me be your advocate, and trust that what I do will be beneficial for you. My works will be performed, and you will not be disappointed, as you entrust everything to Me, and wait patiently on Me, says the LORD.

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