My Words never fall to the ground, says the LORD. I will perform them to the very letter and punctuation mark of all that I have spoken. For the lies of the enemy will not destroy My truth that endures forever. My Word is forever, and it does not change with your circumstances. It cannot be altered by the storms of life. I will speak idle words. They are moving, penetrating, piercing, revealing, healing, delivering, and PERFORMING Words, says the LORD.

You can stand on My Word, knowing that what I say, I will DO, says the LORD. For why would I promise you something that encourages you, just to discourage you, when it does not happen? That is not the way I operate. I will not tease you with a promise that I will not fulfill. For I have integrity, and what I say is what I completely fulfill. Nothing will be changed. I will honor all who speak My Word and believe My Word and do My Work. For they are always in complete agreement. As you trust in My Word, you will work it, for believing is not idle, but moving in the realm of that which I have spoken, says the LORD.

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