Your Fears Are Unwarranted

Remember my promises, says the LORD. I watch over them to perform them, for they are all true, and can never be forgotten by Me. You must also never forget My Word, as you stand on everyone of them. For I watch over My Word to perform it, and it will be done for all who believe and receive! Be one who refuses to believe and fear the lies of the evil one, but never denies My precious promises. For I cannot lie or change My mind. What I promise, I will also fulfill for those who will hold fast to their profession of faith in Me and My infallible Word, says the LORD.

Your fears are unwarranted when they have NO foundation, says the LORD. I Am your only foundation, and you can stand firmly on Me and My Word. Fear Me only. For the enemy cannot carry out his threats, because He is NOT bigger than Me. I Am on the side of My dearly, beloved children, and I will defend them. I will protect them. I will clear the way for them and guide them continually. Be one who KNOWS that there is NO other power that can superintend Mine, and have the assurance that No weapon formed against you shall prosper, because you have known My name, and you belong to ME, says the LORD.

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