Look ForwardFocus on the things that are directly in front of you, and do not look behind you, for that will not only distract you, but disturb you, says the LORD. When you concentrate on your past failures, disappointments and difficulties, you will not have your attention on your future success. Do not let that which was taint that which is and will be. For the trials and tests of the past that taught you, stretched you, did not destroy you. What refined you in the fiery furnace of affliction will NOT define you. MOVE ON, says the LORD.

The wisdom you gained, the patience you obtained, will only propel you for your PROMOTION, says the LORD. REPEAT IS NOT the order of the day! Stop studying the past as you have scrutinized it, categorized events and had questioned again and again. Enough of thinking, “Whew! I made it! Do not look at relief, but release! I have taken you out of bondage and set you free to serve ME, not the problems and pain of the past. Let it now serve YOU, as you press forward to the new Day, the fresh vision, and the NEW beginning that you are prepared to pursue, says the LORD.

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