Fresh New Beginning

Look! I will make all things new for you, says the LORD. You will have a fresh, new beginning as I open new doors for you. I will give you new assignments, new connections, and a new and higher level that you will shift into. You will come up higher, and I will expand you, and give you greater results.

The New is Better Than the Old

You do not need to try to pick up the pieces of your life or try to put things back together again or worry about putting things in order when there was nothing but chaos, says the LORD. Leave the ash heap and move forward. Don’t look for the broken pieces so that you can fit them together again. Your

Every Day is a NEW Beginning

Every day is a new beginning, says the Lord. Do not look at the calendar, numbers, dates, seasons and times, but know that each day I have created for you is a day to rejoice in Me. Every day is filled with new compassion that I give you. Every day you will be endowed with new mercies and grace. Today


I will give you a new beginning in Me, says the LORD. Count this moment as a new season for you. I will give you beauty for the ash heap of your own life. As David of old wept at the burning of Ziglag and the loss of everything that he had, and his family that was taken into captivity,

Look Forward

Focus on the things that are directly in front of you, and do not look behind you, for that will not only distract you, but disturb you, says the LORD. When you concentrate on your past failures, disappointments and difficulties, you will not have your attention on your future success. Do not let that which was taint that which is