restI Am your keeper that does not slumber nor sleep, so that you can, says the LORD. I do not want you to stay awake and never sleep because you are fretting about the things that you cannot fix or control and are concerned about the future that is NOT in your hands. No one can accurately predict what tomorrow will hold, and no one can guarantee that everything will be alright, but I can, says the LORD.

Every day of your life is in My control, says the LORD. I hold your uncertain future in My own hands, and there is nothing that escapes My attention. I Am aware of the things you need today and will meet them. Your faith and trust in Me will be rewarded by peaceful sleep if you will remember My faithfulness in the past and realize that I Am unfailing now and evermore. I will give you My perfect peace as you look onto me and away from your concerns. For what you can do is small compared to what I will do, and you can rest assured that all is well, as you are continually kept by Me, says the LORD.

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