I Am your helper, says the LORD. How can you fail? Can I fail? Is there anything that I ever done that is a failure? I cannot ever have unfinished business, and everything I set out to do, I accomplish. With the help that comes from Me, you will do exactly the same, for there is no greater one than ME. I Am in the midst of you to give you good success, says the LORD.

I cannot be outwitted, says the LORD. That old serpent the devil does not have MY WISDOM and cannot even come close. His evil cannot overpower MY GOOD. You cannot be destroyed by the enemy when I have decreed that he is a defeated foe, and you are the mighty conqueror in Me. Do not plan to fail, but believe to succeed, for I Am with you, and you will never need any other source than that which comes from Me, to do all that I have called you to do, says the LORD.

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