My grace is sufficient and abundant for you, says the Lord. It far exceeds your need. I Am your Merciful Father that will never turn My back on you. I hear the very faintest cry of your heart, and always know your thoughts. You were not a mistake or an opps, but a special creation. I formed you for My kingdom purpose and glory, and I value you. I know you and everything that pertains to you, much more than you know yourself, and you are greatly beloved of ME, says the LORD.

I know the future, and have prepared everything for you ahead of time, says the LORD. As I know the way that you take, I will prepare you for what lies ahead. I will provide for you. I will be with you! My thoughts and intentions for you are always good, and My plans for your life exceed your own. Let Me guide you into your destiny, as you relinquish the controls of your life to Me, the ONE who Knows you best, and cares for you meticulously. You never need to fear as you follow the steps that I order for you, for the outcome will always be good, and you will not lack anything that you need, so that you can fully embrace all that I have for you, and fulfill your destiny that is prescribed for your life, says the LORD.

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