Ask of Me largely, and believe Me for everything that you desire, says the LORD. For if you ask little, then your faith is small. Do not simply ask me for the attainable and possible and potential. Ask Me for what only I can do! Believe for the spectacular! Ask Me for the supernatural! Take off the limits and abandon your narrow vision. For unlimited faith and expectation that exceeds what the natural man can do, will reap your miracle, says the LORD.

I have unlimited power, says the LORD. I will grant unlimited blessings! I will do for you exceedingly wonderful things, as you reach out to Me in genuine, undiluted, uncompromising, unfeigned faith. For what you say and pray must match what you believe and trust Me for. It is your faith in Me that moves Me to act on your behalf, and only then will you see My power on display in the land of the living, as YOU REALLY BELIEVE, AND TOTALLY TRUST IN ME TO DO IT, says the LORD.

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