Cast Down Your Negative Imaginations

Cast down those negative imaginations and embrace the positive, productive vision that I have given you, says the LORD. Do not think that the worst will happen, but rather believe for the best. For I only give you GOOD things to enjoy. I daily load you with benefits. Dwell upon the good things that are before you and be filled with thanksgiving and praise. Why believe the lies of the enemy? The sky is NOT falling. There is much more that I have for you to do, says the Lord.

Think life and not death. Think joy and not sorrow. Think good and not evil, for I give you daily blessings that I attach no sorrow to, says the LORD. You have better things to do than to think the thoughts that the enemy has planted in your mind. Let your mind be renewed by MY WORD, that is wonderful WORDS of life. Let My thoughts be in you and turn away from the negativity and close your ears to the threats and evil suggestions of the devil that only rob you of the tranquility I have for you. I have kept you all the days of your life, and why believe that today and tomorrow will be any different? For I have not changed. I Am your Good Shepherd, and you are well-kept and supplied by Me, and you are in My complete and constant care as you have received Me as your Savior and LORD.

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