Comfort, Consolation, Understanding and Accepance

I Am your comforter, says the LORD. I will wrap you in My embrace and lavish My love on you. You can come to Me and know that you are accepted by Me. You can confide in Me and pour out your complaint onto Me and know that My understanding is infinite. I understand how you feel, and it touches My heart. I know the problems that you have, and see every tear that you shed. I care about you, and Am with you always, to give you consolation as well as help, says the LORD.

I Am your counselor, says the LORD. I will give you sound direction and answers of peace. You will not flounder in the darkness, but I will give you light. I will show you the path of peace and you will not be alone to walk in it. I will walk with you. I will talk with you. I will speak comfortably unto you and not overwhelm you when you come to Me. I will bear your burdens as you hurl them onto Me and lighten the load that you bear. You will be sustained and strengthened, not judged and condemned. My love or you will bring you joy, not sorrow, and you will know that not only Am I with you always, but also in all things, and you will be understood, comforted, helped and upheld, as you come to Me and lean on Me, says the LORD.

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