Don’t Let Anything Get In Between You and Me

Don’t let anything get in between you and Me, says the LORD. Do not let sin block your view of Me, for I will forgive every sin that you confess to Me, and REMOVE it from you, and out of the way or our intimate fellowship. Do not let the deceit of the enemy come between us, for he will take a partial truth and try to convince you, as he adds lies and manipulation to distract you from ME. Do not allow the trials and tests that you go through to alter your faith and trust in Me, for I Am with you to save you, deliver you and bring you out of everyone of them, says the LORD.

The enemy will try to convince you that these dark trials are sent by Me for a purpose, but it is not of Me, says the LORD. I do not afflict you and abuse you so that I can rescue you. My goodness and mercy toward you endures forever, and I Am on your side, not to teach you a lessen by bringing you difficulties, but by helping you to endure them and overcome everyone of them by My Spirit and power that is within you. You are My beloved child, and I want you to be near to Me without anything standing in your way. Receive My love for you and trust that I Am with you always to give you everything that you need, and more than enough, says the LORD.

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