My Grace is Inexhaustible, Unimpeachable, Constant

My grace is more than enough for you at all times, says the LORD. It is inexhaustible, constant, unfailing, unimpeachable, full of loving kindness and free, because you depend upon Me as your Savior and LORD. I will not hold anything against you, but will forgive your sins and heal your land, as you turn away from them, turn toward

Daily Devotional: Love and Mercy

Thank you, Lord, that you forgive us of all our sins. They are not remembered. You are not angry with us, but gracious, loving and kind. Though you discipline us as our loving Father, we are not cast aside. You are ever merciful, and will calm our fears, reassure us of your care, and bless us as your beloved children.

God’s Grace

My grace I shed on you, says the Lord. It is My poured out offering onto you as you receive it by your faith and trust in Me. You will not be cast out as you come to Me. I will receive you. I will hear your cry. I will answer you. I will give you the desires of your

Forgiven and Forgotten and Cleanses

Forget the past things that only keep you stuck the quagmire of regrets and self-loathing, says the LORD. I get no pleasure out of your misery. When you confess your sins to Me, didn’t I promise to forgive and forget them and completely cleanse you from all unrighteousness? I cast them from you and remove the record of them completely.

Audible Voice of the LORD for AMERICA (unedited)

In Late October, 2015, GOD gave me the unspeakable gift of His audible voice in my ear. I came home from having lunch with My daughter and her friend one afternoon, and upon my return home, when I opened the door of my house, I could hear faint music. I have two CD players in my home, and I looked

Don’t Let Anything Get In Between You and Me

Don’t let anything get in between you and Me, says the LORD. Do not let sin block your view of Me, for I will forgive every sin that you confess to Me, and REMOVE it from you, and out of the way or our intimate fellowship. Do not let the deceit of the enemy come between us, for he will

Forgive and Forget

Forgive yourself as I have forgiven you, and forget those things that are behind you, says the LORD. You do not need to continually dwell on those things that are already removed from you as far as the East is from the west. Why should you waste your time on things that you cannot change or understand? I have given

Everything Has a Purpose

Make up youMake up your mind about trusting Me, says the LORD.  For everything has a purpose. The difficulties in your life are just as important as the times when everything seemed to be going well.  For you are learning what it means to trust in Me and shift the care of every burden that you bear over onto Me. 

Let My Love Become You

I have fully cleansed you from all unrighteousness, and removed very mark and stain of sin from your life, by My shed blood for you and the finished work on the cross, as you have believed in Me, and received Me as your Savior and LORD. I have not ever been bitter against you, but sought for you when you