Faithful and True

I Am a promise keeper, says the LORD. I never renege on anything that I say, for you can trust in My infallible WORD. I do not look for an out so that I do not have to perform My Word. It is ever before Me, and I watch over it to perform it. I will not break covenant with you and I will not dishonor My Own Word or My own Name, for I AM always faithful and true, says the LORD.

I Am your trust, and I am always trustworthy, says the LORD. DO not put your trust in people, places and things, and do not lean on your own understanding, either. Lean on Me! I cannot ever fail and I cannot be moved. Regardless of the violent storms in life, I will not be shaken by them or moved, so that you too will NOT be able to be shaken or removed. I will still be standing, untouched and immovable after the storm passes by, says the LORD.

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