I Am a GOD of construction, not destruction, says the LORD. I Am not one weakens you, but I Am your strength. I do not make you sick, but I Am your healer. I do not create problems just so that I can solver them for you. It is the enemy that is the author of confusion, sickness, disease, distractions and all evil comes from him. I Am not the one who causes you pain, but bore it all for you on the cross, says the LORD.

Look unto Me, not away from Me, says the LORD. For I will never reject you or turn My back on you when you are hurting and suffering and struggling. I Am your helper, not one who designs hindrances and obstacle courses for you. Believe in ME, who is full of goodness and mercy for you, and I will give you comfort and peace as you entrust every care that you have to Me, and allow Me to take control of those things that are out of control, and give you rest, as you trust in Me, says the LORD.

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